Your Team behind

and who cares about your concerns...

Peter G. Janssen

Founder, CFO

Peter G. Janssen developed towards the end of the seventies a program to calculate the results in Eventing. After a long use of skills and background knowledge there was the first version of "".

Theo Nothofer


Theo is the specialist for international and national regulations.
His family has been rooted in eventing for decades. He is the strategist who ensures the consistent quality with his experience. Together they created an innovative advantage of electronic data processing in the world of Eventing.

Peter H. Janssen

CRM, Management

Growing up in international equestrian sports and active in business management, Peter is mainly responsible for the back office and company development. He is an excellent networker and creates the desired and required event architecture for our customers.

Jens Kleinmanns

Lead Programmer

The certified surveying technician and cartographer is the second-generation programmer. He translates our ever-growing requirements and those of equestrian sports into the programming language. He is responsible for the right formulas and paths in terms of numbers and signs.